Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Lately it seems that I've been doing a lot of juggling.  For 5 months I juggled being a Children's Librarian and Library Director.  Now, I'm down to just one job (thank heavens), but there's still a lot of juggling going on.  In addition to my job, church, and household duties, there are also sewing projects, books I want/need to read, and now that it's spring, gardening.

So while feeling a bit stressed, I really thought I had it all together.  Until last night.  I had to work late because I needed to attend a selectmen's meeting.  I'm driving home at about 8:00 and am about 2 miles from home when I start thinking about the program the library's doing tomorrow night to celebrate the opening of the movie "The Hunger Games."  Then it hits me - I was going to make 2 backpacks for our "reaping."  And the fabric was still up in my sewing room, not only unsewn, but uncut.  As a matter of fact, it was still in the bag.  I had planned to whip them up last weekend, but as the beautiful Sunday afternoon beckoned me outside, all sewing plans when out of my head, as well as any thoughts of the backpacks.  I had plenty of time to do it on Monday evening, but they were no longer in any part of my brain at that point.

So, I rushed in the house and tore upstairs to make two backpacks.  My long-suffering husband truly deserves sainthood as he watched me once more in full panic mode.

I had only intended to make simple drawstring bags with grommets so they could go on your back, so I got them done in about an hour, but realized that I didn't purchase enough of the cording for the second backpack. So, it's off to Walmart to find a suitable replacement (why, oh why did they take the fabric departments out of Walmart?).

It was my first time using a grommet pliers, and a couple of the grommets aren't too perfect, but I hope they'll do.

And my lesson learned is that I really need to start keeping thorough to-do lists.  On paper, and not just in my head.

Here are the backpacks:


Karen said...

They're BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Cindy Schilling said...

Thanks, Karen. I hope the girls who won them in our "reaping" enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

Everything you do very well! (and put some of us to shame!)And....these are the years that we are SUPPOSED to slow down and smell the roses.

Cindy Schilling said...

Thanks, Cindy - and I will slow down someday, I swear.