Monday, October 31, 2005

Randy Powell

As the mother of a former teenage boy I am interested in books that appeal to that group, especially those books that might appeal to teenage boys who don't like to read. For the past few years I've been impressed by the writing of Randy Powell. Powell has an abililty to capture not only the problems faced by the adolescent male - relationships, choices in life, but he does it with a light, somewhat humorous touch. Many books for Young Adults focus on the darker issues faced by teenagers, and while these are important books, many young teens are often looking for something a little less heavy. Powell also captures the emotions and relationships of this age, and manages to have his main character always learns something new about himself without any didactism.

One of my favorite Powell novels is "Three Clams and an Oyster," about three friends who are part of a four-man flag football league. When the fourth member of the team proves unreliable, they spend a weekend desparately looking for a new teammate. As the weekend progresses the friends learn something new about themselves and each other.

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